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MonkeyPox – How worried should people be about it?

MonkeyPox - How worried should people be about it?

BBC Presenter on #monkeypox – ‘How worried should people be about it? There are reports this weekend of someone being treated in intensive care

➡️ Question after being told the vast majority get better by themselves.

BBC focusing on ONE patient causes worry, not the virus.

There are no details about the patient in ICU, no details on if it was the virus that put them there.

After two years of panicking the public, the BBC needs to learn lessons from the past.

This is just silly now, it comes, it goes, and ends off just like chickenpox !!.. No need for all this crap again 🙈🙈 But isn’t it amazing that the FDA has JUST approved a new vaccine form of TPOXX that will save us all 🙈🤣


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