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The Goal Is Global Depopulation

With the geoengineering activities that are being conducted by governments worldwide in an effort to fulfill their goal of global depopulation, the entire world is currently being purposefully thrown into poverty and a food nightmare.

This is the warning that was issued by Dane Wigington, who works for, a website that is devoted to the scientific study of the planet’s “kill switch” portfolio of technologies that are currently being used to control the weather and cause the downfall of the world’s life-sustaining biosphere.

Wigington says that the simultaneous droughts, floods, and unusual weather phenomena that are occurring across the globe right now are not natural weather events. Under the guise of the blame being placed on “climate change,” these weapons have been “manufactured” and are being used against humanity.

We go into numerous avenues of the planetary onslaught on the food system, the habitat, phytoplankton in aquatic ecosystems, and existence as we know it on planet Earth, in today’s episode of the Situation Update podcast, which features a full one-hour conversation with Dane Wigington. This is a rare dialogue between two science-educated people who recognize the truth regarding global depopulation and manufactured mass famine, weather militarisation, chemtrails, geoengineering, and the assault on life. Both of these individuals have a deep understanding of these topics.

Keep in mind, too, that even if you purchase an electric vehicle, you are not permitted to charge it in the state of California. This is because energy officials have warned that charging electric vehicles could bring down the state’s power infrastructure.

Therefore, green energy is only effective when it is not being used.

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