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The New Trudeau heavy-handed nationwide COVID vaccination passport system

heavy-handed nationwide COVID vaccination passport system

Justin Trudeau revealed a brand new heavy-handed nationwide COVID vaccination passport system that will certainly be compulsory for traveling by air, ocean, or even railroad both locally and globally.

” We are very confident that this proof-of-vaccination certification will be federally approved, issued by the provinces containing health information for Canadians, is going to be accepted at destinations worldwide,” Trudeau explained during a press conference.

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Ok, let’s get back to the story, shall we?

Based on the federal authorities, the Canadian COVID-19 verification regarding inoculation “is a reliable method to show proof or evidence of peoples inoculation history when traveling internationally or within Canadian borders.”

” This specific verification was cultivated by provinces and regions, with encouragement coming from the Federal government of Canada, is an acknowledged, trusted documentation that has been distributed with our global partners,” a spokesperson for Trudeau said.

Handling the Forced CV 1 Niner Tyranny

The nationwide injection passport is going to be needed for everyone traveling by air, water, or perhaps train throughout Canada beginning Oct 30th.

The vaccination passport that could be viewed on the federal government’s internet site, consists of name, date of birth, which COVID shots that person took. It also has “a SMART Health Cards QR code.” The passport may be printed out or downloaded and installed onto a mobile phone.

Trudeau even affirmed that COVID “booster injections or shots are necessary” and are now in the works together with shots for children 5 to 11.

These are the Maggots of the First Order

Trudeau claims that his administration is trying “as quickly as possible” to pass the COVID shot for youngsters… People are starting to ask ” Why the sudden rush to jab extremely young kids that have virtually SERO chance of catching and DYING from this so-called virus?”

The federal authorities just executed a deal with Pfizer for 2.9 million doses of the injections for youngsters, that will be delivered, Trudeau claimed, as soon as Health Canada endorses the shot. OK, let me get this straight… He is waiting for the FDA to authorize this Jab for kids first, right? Does he know something we don’t?

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