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We Went Beyond Lies and Truth

Beyond Lies and Truth

The entire world Went Beyond Lies and Truth, beyond the point where Dry is Wet, and Up is Down.

Our experts blogged about this new “lethal or FATAL” Omicron last week. Pfizer without delay pounced on the advertising and marketing opportunity.

Chief executive officer Albert Bourla stated that “every person is going to require a 4th booster injection” in order to defend themselves against Omicron.

In the meantime, twelve cases of Omicron were disclosed in Oakland, I still have no clue what they used to test for this SCARRY cold bug?. Apparently, Every one of them stemmed from a wedding celebration in Wisconsin. Guess what? EVERYONE was totally immunized, and some even had the booster shots.

Here is How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

Debra Furr-Holden was one of those Omicron cases, she said that she will isolate herself from her children and even grandkids simply because this woman had a raspy throat and migraine or headache. Talk about FEAR, If you’re this scared, LOCK YOURSELF UP and call for a shrink, because you need some serious mental help.

Every critical mind has to acknowledge that The Great Reset is here and the older world or the old ways are gone. The New World Order is right here.

The new normal makes perfect sense, assuming that you remove sound judgment and objective viewpoint and reasoning.

The Omicron Testing Fraud

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