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Sweden Extending postponement of Moderna Vaccination to those Under 31 Indefinitely

Healthcare authorities throughout Sweden have decided that a postponement on the Moderna injection to anybody under 31 will be extended INDEFINITELY, the U.K. Daily Mail disclosed.

Finland, Iceland, and even Denmark have taken comparable measures. Norway is telling males younger than 30, NOT to take the Moderna jab, however, they are not necessarily mandating it.

FDA New Comirnaty Vaccine Correction and Good News 

For many months now, the Moderna injection has been under the public microscope lately because it shows younger males who take it are definitely at escalated danger for myocarditis, an inflammatory reaction of the heart, and even pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac around the heart.

Some TV doctors or the so-called experts say that this is mild… WHAT? There is NOTHING MILD about it. It’s PERMANENT and LIFE-THREATENING.

Sweden’s Healthcare Organization says that classified records connecting the Moderna injection with the 2 conditions implies there is definitely “an escalated threat of adverse effects like swelling of the heart muscle mass or maybe the pericardium.”

” The possibility of being actually impacted is extremely little.” OK, and I believe in Santa…

That data has certainly not been openly published. “I guess NOT, they DON’T want people to get wind of the TRUTH”… said, Mike Wick

The FDA showed concern regarding the Pfizer vaccination in its own announcement, claiming that “the information offered enhanced or created hazards, especially within the 7 days following the 2nd dosage.”

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Confessed it used Mannequin for COVID Story

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