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Some Employees are Given Religious Exemptions

Religious Exemptions offered by the Church Now

Despite the fact that some employees are given religious exemptions, others are actually getting terminated or even suspended with NO wages.

To the rescue rides in Bishop Schneider – who set in motion a charitable organization in order to assist monetarily Catholics that have already been terminated for rejecting COVID-19 jabs. Well, that was a start, late but still a good start…

What Canadians can do when Fired for NOT Taking the Shot.

Based on its own web page, the Holy Faith Foundation “is an apostolate of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima. The Foundation’s objective is to give monetary support to Catholics that lost their careers as a result of their refusal to get the abortion-tainted COVID injection.”

Companies in the United States of America, with the Biden Government, and even a few state authorities, are literally mandating or FORCING employees to get one of the COVID vaccinations to keep their jobs. Even though the advancement and/or diagnostic tests regarding these kinds of injections are without a doubt connected to the sinfulness of abortion, Catholics all over the country are raising objections of morals to any sort of involvement with what Schneider referred to as the “fetal industry.”

Along with these moral arguments, Americans are getting more and MORE worried that the vaccinations have never been adequately researched with regard to unfavorable impacts given that the manufacturers sped up medical tests and even reports of loss of life & severe personal injury following their usage.

In the eyes of the Catholic Church, abortion is actually a serious ethical crime, and for that reason, the Church strongly believes that strong-arm tactics for workers to get a readily available, untested, experimental shot is definitely a “violation of conscience.”

The foundation in addition emphasizes that they feature a “mindful application procedure, and grants are going to be given by a council of devoted Catholics.” Preference is going to be provided for “Catholic family members that forfeited their sole income source, and also bigger households with even more personal financial needs.” At the moment, it is a process just offered in the USA.

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