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During the State of the Union speech, Biden was subjected to heckling

During Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech, booing and shouts were heard when the president questioned the economic policy of the Republican Party of the United States (GOP). Georgia Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene called the president a “fraud.”

During his speech on Tuesday, Biden placed a significant amount of focus on his domestic policies. He praised the actions taken by his administration to combat inflation, underemployment, global warming, Covid-19, and a variety of other issues. At one point, he accused lawmakers on both sides of the aisle of working together to eliminate welfare payments for Americans.

“I understand that some of our Republican friends are trying to blackmail me into agreeing to their economic agenda by holding the economy, hostage. He emphasized that everyone who was at home should be aware of what those preparations are. Some Republicans want Social Security and Medicare to be phased out entirely, rather than enforcing the principle that the wealthiest should pay their fair share of taxes.

The statement instantly sparked an uproar, with Republicans booing and then hissing at the president in a loud and obnoxious manner as the president sought to calm down the irate throng.

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