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Over one million people have been locked down in China

In regards to the “zero COVID” policy, China has not made any adjustments as of now. As a consequence of this, the city of Zhengzhou has been placed under lockdown, with residents being ordered to remain inside their homes. There are now more than one million people inside.

The iPhone manufacturing center of Zhengzhou, China, has closed down one of its most populous districts in order to tame a virus flareup. Creeping constraints throughout China highlight the constant threat of interruption companies face whereas the country remains committed to the Covid Zero strategy enacted by tyrant XI Jinping. This fresh “surge” of infections has resulted in the infection of 6 persons thus far.

Some institutions in Shanghai, where there have been claimed to be 32 new instances or cases, have decided to stop all in-person lessons. At least 5 neighborhoods are missing their nightlife due to the temporary closure of entertainment establishments including theatres and restaurants. In addition, some communities are subject to rigorous public health obligations or restrictions, Certain regions have had complexes surrounded by green fencing to provide a more secure environment.

According to a notification issued by the government, residents are not permitted to leave their homes unless it is necessary for them to undertake COVID-19 testing, and non-essential companies have been ordered to close their doors, as reported by Bloomberg.

“tight laws preserve people’s lives,” the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, said during the country’s every-two-decades Party Congress that took place in Beijing on Sunday. He was alluding to the fact that there are no immediate plans to alter the country’s zero-COVID policy.

Xi seemed to be purposefully avoiding highlighting how lockdowns damage the economy, which was observed by observers. This is particularly noteworthy given that investors have been anticipating that they would relax their public health regulations. The detentions have been “expensive” for the stakeholders since they have disrupted the distribution network of businesses such as automobile manufacturing, mobile phone manufacturing, and even the Christmas tree industry. – The Natural News

Even the Chinese people seem to be becoming weary of the oppression that they are subjected to. As part of the government’s effort to combat the epidemic, officials have reportedly requested that a Beijing resident female of 34 years of age always wear an electronic surveillance bracelet, according to statements made to Al Jazeera by the woman. She said, “I have never even attempted to put it on.” “I have tolerated lockdowns, forced COVID-19 testing, and health codes in the past; nevertheless, this stuff seems like monitoring merely for the purpose of surveillance. My greatest concern is that the COVID-19 policy will eventually become more focused on repressing the Chinese population than on eliminating the COVID-19 threat.

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