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The Multimedia is Failing Canadians

Media Failing Canadians

As soon as it pertains to COVID throughout Canada, multimedia is failing Canadians.

Reporters fail to disclose the simple facts, these people merely fire up a story – and hide essential details. The end result is that media people seem like state and federal government propagandists, and even their statements appear like vaccination paid announcements.

Right now on The Candice Malcolm Program, Candice is talking to Toronto Suns Anthony Furey about the press groupthink when it concerns COVID.

All throughout the pandemic, Furey was prepared to disagree, report undesirable truths, and even prod back in opposition to networks rubbish — consequently, a number of legacy reporters have recently attacked him for this, the video below tells all.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation actually Confessed it using a Mannequin for a COVID Story

If Canadians don’t have access to the truth, how can they make informed decisions?

It’s surprising how many people don’t look beyond the few big-bought and paid for Canadian media outlets for their news. There are many states and many countries fairing well through covid without the fear and tyranny. Nice to see Anthony here and also featured regularly in the National Post.

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