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Is the World Ready for the First Contraceptive Vaccine?

According to an article written by Katherine J. Wu, Ph.D. and published in The Atlantic, clinical tests are now being conducted on the world’s first vaccination that has the potential to also function as a contraceptive.

Wu states that the vaccine developed by Professor Gursaran Pran Talwar seeks to prevent pregnancy without making the typical trade-offs; it is long-lasting yet reversible; it is affordable; it is discreet; and it is simple to give.

It is easier to use than a daily pill and requires less of an intrusive procedure than an intrauterine device. It follows the “set it and forget it” concept that many people in the health and fitness industry regard as the gold standard, and it does not have any potentially harmful side effects like weight gain, mood swings, or the rare occurrence of blood clots or strokes. It does not influence menstrual cycles as hormonal contraception does, but rather it prevents pregnancy by using the immune system in order to impede fertilization and so prevent pregnancy.

In the early 1990s, Talwar developed and patented a version of the vaccine that he had previously designed. It was said that this version would be about one hundred percent effective, and it would be effective for a period of two years before needing a booster. Talwar, a former director of India’s National Institute of Immunology, claimed that he came up with the idea for the vaccination after seeing women in India who struggled to provide for big families yet were dissatisfied with the methods of contraception that were available at the time.

He had the goal of creating something that was “problem-free,” therefore he produced a vaccination that would deactivate the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. This hormone is generally known as “the pregnancy hormone” due to the fact that fertilized eggs require it in order to implant.

It is an utterly bad concept, according to Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defense, who casts doubt on the efficacy of such a vaccination and says, “It is a horrible idea.” Hooker asserts that their product might cause issues by “immunizing” women with hCG that is identical to the hormone that they make or “immunizing” men with sperm proteins, which could assault their sperm at the location where they produce it. He is concerned about the vaccine’s ability to be reversed, stating that it is difficult to stop an immune response once it has been activated, which would cause many people to become permanently sterile as a result of receiving this sort of vaccination.

This technique also presents challenges linked with autoimmunity, a condition in which the body attacks human proteins. This places human tissues, and more specifically reproductive organs, in the firing line of a number of severe inflammatory processes associated with an immune response.

Concerns about the vaccine’s safety were also raised by Mary Lou Singleton, who works as a midwife and as a family nurse practitioner. She stated that the vaccination is the first one of its kind to cause an immune reaction that is directed against a natural and healthy biological process. According to Singleton, reproductive potential is the central focus of the organization of all sexually reproducing creatures. She contends that we do not know anything about the long-term effects of training the immune system to target the component of the body that is responsible for maintaining an early pregnancy since we do not have enough information. It has been demonstrated throughout the history of medicine that there are sometimes unforeseen repercussions.

Although the piece published in The Atlantic did not discuss any potential health problems, it did emphasize Talwar’s clinical experiment from 1994, in which just one of the 119 women who participated became pregnant. While none of the women in the experiment became pregnant, almost twenty percent of them did not have an adequate immune response to the vaccination, as Wu points out. This was one of the drawbacks of the study.

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