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Exposing the Madness of a Pandemic

The Madness of a Pandemic

I’ve been exposing the madness of a pandemic fraud since this all started. However, this specific short article is not that. This particular post is actually a reality, the TRUTH, So, Buckle up folks and read on.

Ever since the start of the so-called pandemic, I’ve been bombarding the worth and efficiency of PCR testing via numerous angles. The main angle, that my audiences can identify, is that: SARS-CoV-2 was NEVER, EVER isolated, never confirmed or verified to even exist. Shocking right? well, It’s TRUE!

Considering that the government is pushing the use of at-home testing kits for the “virus.” Keep in mind that this test is self-administered. Absolutely NO physician, registered nurse, or even specialist is present. What might or could potentially go bad or wrong, right, since folks do the testing on themselves?


What is The Difference Between the Common cold and the Omicron

Exactly how dangerous is it?

Jon Rappoport explained it best on his blog, I just had to share this information with you, right NOW.

This is absolutely mindblowing …

“The truth about this kind of examination is that as a registered nurse I performed 1000s of urine examinations, and I constantly was in need of real urine, and it took a while to learn how to read the testings properly, and record properly for protein, blood, and even additional nasties in excess in the pee. Being fooled into a home examination test kit for a non-existent virus is the same as making use of drinking water rather than pee.” said Karen Thompson

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Pure Madness

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