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The midterm elections in the United States are HERE

midterm elections

The midterm elections in the United States, which will decide the composition of the next House and Senate, and establish the tone for the rest of President Joe Biden’s time in the White House, have begun with the opening of the first polling places.

The vote that will take place on Tuesday comes at a time when Americans are struggling with high inflation and growing expenses of living, as well as the economy has surfaced as the primary issue of followers of both the Dem party and the Republican party.

The Democrats presently have a razor-thin control of Congress, and they’ve spent a significant portion of the campaign advocating for the protection of reproductive rights and for the development of democratic institutions, both of which they believe to be under attack in the nation.

However, as the party that currently has power, the Democrats are likely to lose ground to the Republicans, who have made immigration and economic concerns the focal point of their campaign in an effort to attract support from voters.

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According to Thomas Gift, head of the Center on US Politics at the University of London, who spoke with Al Jazeera, “there are some counterbalancing pressures on the economic growth: unemployment remains low at 3.5 percent, and consumer sentiment is still fairly high,” but “inflation hits all of us, and the majority (party), whether fair or not, is going to get scapegoated.”

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