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What Are 5G Real World Impacts

5G World Impacts explained

I get emails daily from folks asking: What are 5g real-world impacts today? let me start by saying this first, there are a couple of undeniable truths. The United state of America, Canada, and the WORLD have been locked down for 2020, at that time, countless 5G towers were literally put up all over these nations. For this reason, no one has seen it take place. 2ndly, the C…V…1…9er “pandemic” flawlessly synchronized with the mass implementation of 5G technological innovation. Read on, it gets better and better… or should I say worse and WORSE.

People pretty much know that 5G transmits on a 60 GHz frequency. Yet are clueless that our oxygen particles destabilize at that 60 GHz frequency and above, making it inconceivable for human blood hemoglobin to take in said molecules. To put it simply, a couple of deep inhalations or breaths of this compromised air, triggers blood deficiencies, resulting in hypoxemia and/or hypoxia. This link explains the technology behind it, take a look.

Even the French Monks Try to Ignite 5G Antennas, yes, MONKS.

Get this, Coughing, lack of breath, heart inconstancies, and so on, are all indications of reduced blood oxygen. Additionally, all of these are likewise signs and symptoms of C. V. 19. Still, the more troubling part with 5G is that we can get many forms of cancer from it, bet you won’t hear that from Bell or your service provider, will you?.

Who has 5g tech now in the USA? well, see for yourself here.

Metal Towers poping up EVERYWHERE in the US, this video below tells the story.

A 2011 news release by “WHO” announced that radiofrequency magnetic fields are likely carcinogenic to human beings. However, the WHO made certain to ONLY categorize this radiation 2B carcinogen in order to stay clear of possible legal actions. Yep, they are covering their A*s*s.

Let’s face it, we are all going to kick the bucket at some point. That’s part of being human, as is interacting socially with other humans. Still, in today’s world, you need to be extremely careful about social connections if one wished to stretch out this kind of human experience.

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