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Forget about the typical classifications while making your assessment of the election’s outcomes.

The following is an analysis of the election results in light of the fact that the economy in the United States is dangerously close to collapsing.

CATEGORY ONE: Those victors who are unwavering in their support of Dutch windmills and solar panels installed on sunny-day roofs as the source of our current energy supply.

CATEGORY TWO: The victors who are steadfast in their support of oil as the primary source of our nation’s current energy supply.

CATEGORY THREE: The percentages of victors who really are dupes, hustlers, whores, race swindlers, whimpering obedient disciples, big horseshit-grinning idiots, organizational sell-outs, victims of evident brain damage, folks who would be lucky to find a job-pounding gas throughout Death Valley if they were not Congressional legislators if they didn’t attach themself to Category One or Two.

So far as I can tell. The midterm elections in the United States are HERE

This time is really important because if the large diesel trucks stop moving, then we all come to a halt.

That is the current state of affairs.

The windmill and solar panel replacement idea of energy is both a) a fable told by a fool and b) a plot to take down the nation and dump it squarely in the shitter.

There’s your doctorate in economics right there…

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