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Doug Ford to Repeal Education Legislation

Doug Ford has made an offer to repeal education legislation in exchange for union members returning to the classroom.

Doug Ford has indicated that he is prepared to reverse the law that made it illegal for education employees in Ontario to go on strike if the union representing those workers is willing to call off their widespread walkout.

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“As a gesture of goodwill our government has agreed to revoke the legislative changes, are inclined to resend segment 33,” Ford said Monday. “However, this is contingent upon CUPE agreeing to demonstrate a similar act of good faith by ending their strike and allowing our children to return to their classrooms.”

At Queen’s Park, Stephen Lecce, the Minister of Education, is there beside Ford. After a delay of two hours, the president of CUPE and a number of other national and provincial labor leaders are anticipated to make an announcement on an intensification of the resistance to Bill 28.

This comes at a time when thousands of education employees throughout the province are participating in a strike for the fourth consecutive day, and a recent survey reveals that six out of ten Ontarians believe the Ford administration is to blame for the current labor disruption.

The question is, does anyone still TRUST him?

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