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Embrace the Journey: A Poem on Life

A Poem on Life

This poem is a reflection on the journey of life, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns. It speaks to the resilience of the human spirit, and the determination to keep on living and striving despite the challenges we face. It encourages us to embrace every moment, good or bad, as a part of the rich tapestry of life

So, Embrace the Journey with my Poem on Life

Life, a journey unknown
A path that winds and twists, a path that’s shown
From the moment we are born
To the moment we pass on

We strive to find our way
Through the highs and lows of each and every day
We laugh and we cry
We live and we die

We love and we hate
We give and we take
We win and we lose
But through it all, we choose

To keep on living, to keep on striving
To find our place in this world that’s thriving
So embrace the ride, the ups, and downs
Life is a precious gift, a beautiful crown

Embrace the love and the pain
For it all shapes us, it’s all the same
Life is a precious gift, a beautiful thing
Embrace it all, and let your heart sing

By Chris Wick

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