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Tokyo was criticized for its COVID-19 vaccine campaign

COVID-19 vaccine campaign

Tokyo has been criticized for its insistence on continuing the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.
The investigations that were carried out by Nagao and Sano came as a direct response to a scathing criticism leveled by Dr. Masanori Fukushima, professor emeritus at Kyoto University, against the Japanese Department of Health, Labor, and Welfare (MHLW) for its refusal to halt the COVID-19 vaccination program in the country.

During a seminar in January 2023, he informed the authorities that people are now doing research in different parts of the globe. “You have vaccinated an extremely large number of individuals. And despite this, just 10% of the membership of the MHLW have been vaccinated, despite the fact that they are the most influential people in the vaccination campaign. Is this some kind of joke?

At a symposium that was organized by a concerned citizen named Kazuhisa Ukawa and held in November of the previous year, Fukushima voiced their objection to the COVID-19 vaccines.

The professor emeritus stated that “the harm caused by vaccines is now a worldwide concern.” “Anyone who has had adverse effects after vaccination should get in touch with their healthcare provider as soon as possible. “Don’t be so sluggish!”

Fukushima proceeded by saying, “Given the vast spectrum of unfavorable effects, eventually billions of lives might be in jeopardy.” He highlighted cardiovascular illness, autoimmune disease, and a heightened risk of infection as examples of some of the more severe responses that might occur.

The body’s own natural antibodies have been weakened as a result of vaccination. This is what ended up taking place. “I don’t believe it will die down at all; this will spread a lot more,” he added. “I’m not optimistic at all.”

“The vast majority of individuals have already developed post-vaccination infections. People who have received vaccinations are more likely to get infected with the illness than those who have not had the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

He then addressed the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, saying, “You spend billions of yen purchasing [COVID-19 vaccines] and pushing the populace [to be vaccinated].” The mistake has been brought to light in professional periodicals, and it is now acknowledged how harmful [these vaccinations] are.

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