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Globalist ideals are destroying Agriculture

Globalist ideals are destroying agriculture in Western countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. It’s possible that the conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine are also intended to disrupt food and energy supply, causing widespread famine as a means of achieving their goals of depopulation and genocide.
Holodomor, which translates to “death by hunger,” was a planned famine that struck Ukrainian peasants in 1932–1933 and claimed the lives of at least five million people. It was the first genocide, according to Professor Andrea Graziosi of the University of Naples, that was deliberately planned out and carried out by denying the people who produced the food the sustenance they needed to survive. According to Technocracy News, the majority of rural Ukrainians at the time were self-sufficient or subsistence farmers.

They were made to give up their land, cattle, and agricultural implements in exchange for labouring as slaves on government collective farms, or kolhosps. Historians counted almost 4,000 small uprisings in the early 1930s against Soviet authorities’ collectivization, taxes, intimidation, and brutality. These uprisings were mercilessly put down by the Red Army and the Soviet secret police, who also detained tens of thousands of farmers. They were sent to work camps or shot.’s creator, Mike Adams, described how the current “Holodomor” is being planned to starve people to death. On the October 25 edition of “Brighton Broadcast News,” Adams compared the present state of affairs in Gaza, where Israel imposed a blockade that has severed the region’s supply of fuel, food, water, and energy, to the Holodomor of the 1930s.

Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom honours Holodomor victims

During a recent visit to the United States, U.K. Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps paid respect to the victims of the 1932–1933 Holodomor in Ukraine. The official added that he honoured those who are now defending Ukraine’s freedom by laying a wreath at the memorial to the victims of the Holodomor in Washington. Millions of Ukrainians perished in a Soviet-engineered genocide ninety years ago. Millions of Ukrainians’ lives and means of subsistence are now once more in jeopardy,” Shapps tweeted on X.

“How much did this photo opp cost us, Grant?” “He’s thinking ‘I wonder what I could get for this in cash converters?'” said another commenter. “What about the millions of Palestinians who are losing their lives to Israel, the terrorist state, and who are doing so with your approval and encouragement? Traitors! the entirety of you. The sooner we get to see you again, the better.” Shapps’s post was answered by @SarahHethe68290.

Shapps claimed in a different post that he had spoken with his American counterpart Lloyd Austin on the resources the United States and the United Kingdom had sent to the Eastern Mediterranean in an effort to prevent further escalation and bring peace to the region in the wake of the terrorist assault by Hamas. In addition, there were unofficial claims.

Unofficial reports also suggested that the United Kingdom had handed Ukraine most of the defence hardware it could have provided without jeopardizing its own military capabilities. Tens of thousands of artillery shells were also announced by Shapps for Ukraine. Also, he disclosed that the United Kingdom intended to train thirty thousand more Ukrainian soldiers.

The British official is displaying two faces to the public, and critics could not help but notice this. While one face sympathizes with victims of past genocides, the other supports current armed conflicts even though it is aware that many people are dying and will continue to die as long as these conflicts are fought in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

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