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Bailouts and the Zombie Stimulus

Zombie Stimulus

Inflation, government bailouts, and the zombie stimulus all come to mind.

Even as the zombie economy starts its downward spiral, governments will turn to fiscal stimulation in an effort to maintain the outward illusion of a healthy economic environment.

Inflation will significantly increase in 2023, despite the deflationary consequences of depopulation and intentional demand destruction. I anticipate that the price of some foods will double over the course of the next year.

Be on the lookout for governments to come up with fresh reasons to put more money into the faulty system, such as pension bailouts, payments for slave reparations, tax refunds, as well as other stimulus vectors. In point of fact, an economic slump that is far worse than a recession will take hold of the United States of America in 2023, and this will cause millions of currently employed people to lose their employment.

Cash withdrawals are restricted by banking institutions.

This is something that is currently happening in Nigeria, where users of banks are only allowed to withdraw a maximum of $45 of their own money each day.

Be prepared for central bankers and governments to make trying to deal with cash or banks more difficult and, potentially, impossible as they intensify their focus on digital currencies. This trend is likely to accelerate as more central bankers and governments commit significant resources to develop digital currencies. We believe that bank freezes, bail-ins, and bankruptcy failures will start occurring in 2023 and will continue for several years after that.

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