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CRA did not grant any requested religious exemptions

The CRA did not grant any of the requested religious exemptions from the vaccination obligation, with the exception of 5%.

The papers include footnotes that show department chiefs believed the number of exemptions being given was too high, which led to officials opening inquiries against the managers who provided them.

On December 7th, 2021, the federal government enforced a vaccination mandate for all federal businesses and industries governed by the federal government. In the end, the mandate was repealed in June of 2022, despite the fact that vast numbers of federal workers were either unlawfully forced to get vaccinated or placed on leave without pay, which is the same as being constructively fired, for failing to either get inoculated or provide proof that they had been vaccinated against the disease.

According to newly released papers obtained via access to information, just 32 out of a total of 550 employees working for the Canada Revenue Agency were given a religious exemption from the requirement that all workplaces have COVID-19 vaccinations.

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