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The Government Knew This Would Happen – HERE is the PROOF

You might have a hard time believing some of the statements that are made in the following paragraphs at first. However, we can guarantee that every single one of them has been retrieved from official papers that have been authorized by the government.

If you are prepared to continue reading, then you are ready to finally come across the most extensive collection of evidence that shows the Covid-19 vaccination is creating widespread depopulation and the current regime knew it. If you are willing to keep reading, then you are about to come across this evidence.

We will provide references to every single source so that you can conduct your own “fact check” on the assertions.

The most important pieces of evidence are as follows…

Observable Signs of Population Decline

When compared to the projected mortality rate over the previous five years, official government records indicate that anything from tens to several hundred thousand more fatalities is documented every single week all over the world.
Official government reports demonstrate that by the end of May 2022, one person out of every 73 who had been vaccinated against Covid-19 had regretfully passed away;
Official government reports demonstrate that the Covid-19 shots are at least seventy-five times more lethal than all other vaccines put together.
The deaths per 100,000 among unvaccinated people of every age group are shown to be the lowest, according to official reports published by the government.
According to the findings of official government publications, it takes only five months for the increased mortality rate among those who have been vaccinated to become apparent.

Immunization against COVID-19 is shown to have a detrimental effect on the immune system, according to official government reports.
Official government statistics demonstrate that more than nine out of every ten deaths caused by Covid-19 in 2022 occurred among members of the population that had been vaccinated;
The number of births in the United States is decreasing, and the mortality rate for newborns is reaching alarming levels, according to official government figures.
The likelihood of having a miscarriage increases by at least 1,517 percent after receiving the Covid-19 immunization, according to official government reports.
The evidence presented in official government publications demonstrates that the Covid-19 vaccine raises the probability of developing cancer.

Evidence that your government was aware that it would occur

Pfizer’s internal documentation demonstrates that 90 percent of pregnant women who had the Covid-19 vaccination ended up losing their babies, however, your government and the medical regulator chose to ignore the evidence;
Because the small animal study that was completed indicated a greater risk of birth abnormalities and infertility, Pfizer as well as Medicine Regulators both disguised the dangers of receiving the Covid-19 immunization during pregnancy and the evidence may be discovered in official government records.
According to records held in strict confidence by Pfizer, the Covid-19 vaccination causes accumulation in every part of the human body, such as the ovary, and the number of cases of melanoma has reached an all-time high.

Documents held in confidence by Pfizer disclose proof of immune disorder and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease; nevertheless, your administration and medicine regulators have chosen to disregard this evidence.
Within the first three months after the launch of the Covid-19 vaccination, confidential data from Pfizer reveal that there were tens of thousands of reports of adverse reactions and countless deaths. Yet your government and the individuals in charge of regulating medicines choose to disregard it.

Every week this year, Europe has been reporting an above-average number of deaths when compared to the norm for the years 2016-2019.

The following graphic, which can be found on the website of Eurostat, displays the excess mortality rate in various European countries during the month of June 2022 — HERE

Eurostat is the official agency of the European Union. It is responsible for releasing high-quality data and indicators that are applicable across all of Europe. These statistics and indicators make it possible to compare different nations and areas.

In May of 2022, the situation was very much the same everywhere in Europe — HERE

Additionally, each week in England and Wales, there are an additional several thousand deaths than expected.

Weekly statistics on deaths that have been recorded in England and Wales are made available for public consumption by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The most up-to-date information only includes fatalities up to August 12th, 2022.

The most current week’s data reveals that there have been 10,355 fatalities in England and Wales. This number represents 950 more deaths than the average number of deaths over the past five years.

On the other hand, this pattern has been developing since the month of April 2022 came to a close. The following graphic, which was produced by the ONS, compares the number of fatalities that occurred in a certain week to the average number of deaths that occurred over the previous five years commencing in the year 2020:

The following figure compares the overall number of fatalities that occurred during the week that ended on the 22nd of April and the time period that ended on the 12th of August to the typical number of deaths that occurred over the previous five years:

The information presented in the preceding chart was taken from the 2022 version of Fatalities reported regularly in England and Wales, which can be obtained here or seen on the ONS webpage here. This information was used to create the chart.

Ever since the 22nd of April, there have been a total of 181,885 deaths have been documented. However, the typical number of people killed over the past five years is only 161,830. This figure takes into account the year 2021, which saw an increase in fatalities during the entire year. This indicates that there have been an additional 20,055 fatalities in Wales and England since the month of April came to a close.

The information presented in the graphic was taken from page 65 of the report titled “UK Health Security Firm Quarterly National Influenza & Covid-19 Monitoring – Week 27,” which was published by the UK Health Security Service.

Consequently, based on the facts that 44.48 million people in England have gotten at least one dosage of a Covid-19 vaccination, and that there were 606,537 fatalities among the immunized, this corresponds to 1 in every 73 Covid-19 inoculated persons having unfortunately passed away by the end of May 2022.

At least seventy-five times more lethal than any other vaccine taken together is the Covid-19 vaccine.
The United Kingdom’s Medicines Regulation Agency has verified that the use of the Covid-19 Vaccine over the course of nineteen months has resulted in at least five and a half times as many fatalities as the use of all other currently available vaccines combined over the course of the previous 21 years.

In light of this information, it can be deduced that the Covid-19 shots are an astounding 7,402% or 75 times more lethal than every other vaccination that is currently on the market in the United Kingdom.

In response to a request for information made under the Freedom of Information Act, the United Kingdom Medicines Regulator disclosed that it had received an overall 404 reports of bad effects to all accessible vaccines (with the exception of the Covid-19 injections) that were connected with high mortality between the first of January 2001 as well as the 25th of August 2021. This span of time encompasses 20 years and eight months.

In addition to this information, the UK Medicines Regulator said that as of the 13th of July in 2022, it had received 2,213 reports of adverse events to the Covid-19 vaccinations that were connected with a fatal outcome.

A period of twenty years and eight months is 13.7 times longer than the period of 19 months during which the Covid-19 vaccinations have already been rolled out.

As a result, the total number of fatalities attributed to every other immunization within the same time range of 19 months is equivalent to 29.5 fatalities.

This indicates that the Covid-19 shots are proven to be an astonishing 7,402%/75 times more lethal than any other vaccination that is now available in the UK.

The unvaccinated population has the lower death rates across the board for all age groups.
The three charts that follow display, for all age groups, the monthly age-standardized higher mortality in England for non-Covid-19 deaths that occurred between Jan and May 2022, based on the recipient’s vaccination status. You can increase the size of any chart by clicking on it.

The information was taken from figure 2 of the report titled “Deaths with Vaccination Status, Uk, 1 Jan 2021 to 31 May 2022″ which was published by the National Statistics Office in the United Kingdom. This report may be read on the ONS website here and downloaded here.

Ever since the start of 2022, those who were just partially vaccinated or twice vaccinated had a higher death risk than those of the same age who were not vaccinated against the disease. This was the case every single month. Then by May 2022 at the absolute latest, those who had received all three doses of the vaccine had a greater risk of dying compared to those in the similar age group who had not had any vaccinations.

Due to the fact that they are percentages for the 100,000 population, it is not possible for this to be simply explained by the observation that more individuals are becoming vaccinated.

Your government was aware that it would take place.

According to the confidential materials provided by Pfizer, your government was aware of the dangers associated with administering the experimental Covid-19 injections to the general public but opted to ignore those dangers and proceed with the rollout regardless.

They were aware of the potential risks that the vaccines posed to pregnant women, yet they opted to not only disregard those risks but also hide them.

Even though they were aware that the vaccine may build up in any area of the body, they believed that it would only spread to the injection site.

They were aware that there was evidence suggesting that the vaccines caused autoimmune diseases and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Diseases, but they decided to disregard the findings.

They were aware that the Covid-19 vaccines had left thousands of people crippled or dead in the first 90 days after its release, yet they decided to continue giving the shot to the general public nevertheless.

The combination of all of these factors was a prescription for depopulation, and it appears that it is already beginning to take place, as we are now in the late year of 2022.

You were warned that some of the assertions made above could initially be difficult for you to accept as true. However, as you have seen, each one of them is derived from an official document that has been approved by the government.

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