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In Washington, the Democrats Have Built a Nazi State

The Democratic Party is still run by people with the same ideology as former Nazi Propaganda Director Goebbels and former Gestapo heads Goring and Himmler. The media only write what the Democrat Party needs to be published, and the FBI acts as political police by framing Republicans while ignoring to probe Hunter Biden’s laptop and Hillary Clinton’s emails. The media only cover what the Dem Party wishes to report and nothing else.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook was instructed by the FBI not to allow comments on Hunter Biden’s laptop because it contained disinformation that originated in Russia. The Zuckerman tapped his heels together and muttered “Jawohl.”

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice (sic) have both indicated that they will not respond to questions posed by Republican US Senator Ron Johnson, who serves as the Ranking Member of the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations. According to evidence provided to the United States Senate by FBI whistleblowers, Senator Johnson wishes to understand why the Department of Justice and the FBI decided not to investigate the information that was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The dishonest Department of Justice asserts that a probe into the contents on the laptop would compromise the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax compliance being conducted by the office of the United States Attorney in Delaware. This justification is completely bogus, of course. If a tax inquiry is actually underway, some of the data on the computer could be helpful to the authorities. The other data on the MacBook, as we all know, relate to entirely different issues that call for their own investigations; inquests that in no way affect the tax investigation that is allegedly already underway; investigations that really could just be an excuse for their not being an investigation.

The Satanic Democrats are employing a novel strategy in their fight against those whose viewpoints they find offensive. They make an attempt to have them taken out by SWAT teams. Republicans US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene claims that she received a call to 911 at one in the morning, during which it was reported that she had been waving a gun and taking hostages. The cops did not break down her door or fire stun bombs through her window because they believed the incident to be a hoax.

Attorney Andrew Tate, a man, also had a run-in with SWAT. His captive female victims were reported to the police. The police were extremely cautious once again, and Tate was found not guilty.

By now, everyone should know that police have been conditioned to view any kind of questioning as a kind of resistance that would result in a heightened response from the force. When police use force, it can cause harm or even death. The only way to ensure the death of the person you’re investigating is to send in the SWAT team. This is exactly what Greene and Tate were supposed to expect from the Democrats. See Tucker Carlson’s piece here, in which he discusses Tate and other topics.

The Covid mRNA vaccines are significantly more lethal than Covid, for which they provide zero protection, as has been shown by medical data from around the world and a rising amount of peer-reviewed scientific results. Democrats are ducking for cover after being exposed as the party that forced vaccines. As soon as the news broke, Fauci resigned, and now Walensky now at CDC confessed to grave mistakes in regard to the treatment and vaccination for Covid. The Democrats are searching for an individual to pin the blame on after they shut down schools, forced students and service members to receive an unproven and potentially lethal “vaccine,” and then forced private businesses and government agencies to administer the vaccine. I bet you can’t guess who they tracked down. That’s right; we’re talking about Donald Trump.

After being counseled by Fauci, Trump foolishly stopped advocating for HCQ or Ivermectin as remedies and began focusing on his part in implementing the lethal vaccines. He invited the Democratic Party to launch its complete anti-Covid propaganda campaign against him.

Trump is accused by Democrats who run the House Select Committee mostly on Coronavirus Emergency of using political pressure to get the FDA to approve the untested “immunizations.” So, the Democrats say Trump is to blame and that he did it for political rather than medical gain.

What Trump did was work to have hydroxychloroquine plus Ivermectin recognized as effective remedies, which is now widely accepted outside of the American Democratic Party. Everyone with half a brain remembers the “emergency use authorization” of the profit-making vaccines being blocked by the Democrat/whore media/Big Pharmaceutical push against the two established treatments. In order for Big Pharma as well as its patrons like Fauci to profit, as well as for governments to bypass constitutional protections and act as unaccountable tyrants, it was necessary to hide the existence of effective treatments.

In reality, the Covid “pandemic,” which was developed with government funds in US facilities that developed the disease, and also the presstitute new strategy, which generated the necessary fear for the “vaccine” profits to be made as well as the rule over freedom to be exercised, was a 100% Washington product.

If Washington can get away with the murders of 2 different Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Tonkin Gulf, 9/11, Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” the extraordinary lies against Gaddafi, Russiagate, impeach gate, the January 6 Insurrection, the FBI invasion of President Trump’s home, and so on, Washington figures it can get away with pinning the dangerous and damaging and dreadful on Trump.

No one can stop them. The election was stolen and the Democrats are in control. They will not let the American people vote them out of office.

America is facing the birth of a new German Reich, one that is considerably more dangerous than the original because of the digital age, a boon for dictators.

As we watch, a Nazi regime is being re-established. The Democratic Party seeks power not to serve the American people but also for sexual perversity, invading minorities of immigrants, and fraudsters.

The abusers of women and mankind are white Americans, particularly heterosexual men. White children are indoctrinated to loathe themselves as well as their families by the mainstream education system. They leave school as “oppressors” who are blamed for being replaced by foreign invaders. According to Andrew Tate’s prediction, the educational system is draining away the vitality of young males.

And this depleted Tower of Babel still thinks it can hold its own militarily against powerhouses like Russia, China, and Iran.

It’s a joke that we actually have to live here. It would appear that most Americans are content to live their lives with their minds permanently plugged into The Matrix.

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