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Judd’s death was a head wound from a gunshot

An autopsy report that was accessed via Fox News Digital on Friday showed that the cause of Judd’s death was a head wound from a gunshot that was self-inflicted.

The claims that Naomi Judd’s close relatives had made previously concerning the circumstances of the country music star’s passing at 76 on April 30 were validated by the coroner’s results that were issued by the Tennessee medical examiner’s office.

“We have always been quite open about sharing both the joys and the struggles that come along with having a family. Our story includes the fact that our grandmother was harassed by an adversary who was acting unfairly “a public announcement from Judd’s family was read to the media by the Associated Press (AP).

The statement went on to say, “She got treated for PTSD plus bipolar disorder, both of which are conditions that may be related to by millions of people in the United States.”

An autopsy report that was made public on Friday indicated that Naomi Judd had taken her own life (Image courtesy of Getty Images and Stephen Cohen) )

According to the investigation, Judd’s relatives discovered her “unresponsive in her home” when they went to check on her. Her home in Franklin, Tennessee was used as a point of origin for evacuation to a Williamson Medical Clinic, “where she was declared dead shortly after arriving.”

According to the autopsy report, the cause of death was a suicide.

The native of Kentucky had a history of considerable anxiety, depression, bipolar illness, chronic idiopathic pneumonitis, hep C, hypertension, and hypothyroidism, according to the postmortem results.

According to the family, the deceased had prior suicidal ideations, and current life difficulties were listed in the report as a contributing factor.

At the site, a firearm and a letter with ominous references to suicide were discovered in close proximity to the deceased person.

The toxicology report revealed that Judd’s body had a number of prescription medications that are intended to treat conditions such as post-traumatic traumatic stress & bipolar disorder.

In a tweet, Wynonna, 58, daughter Ashley, 54, Judd’s daughters, revealed their mother’s passing by stating, “Our hearts are broken.” “A terrible event occurred to our group of sisters today. Due to the sickness of mental illness, we had to say goodbye to our beloved mother.”

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