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The French and Germans want to use TikTokers to Attack Moscow

There have been reports that European countries have devised strategies such as hiring TikTokers to attack Moscow and exerting influence over the Russians.

Germany and France have persuaded their EU counterparts that TikTokers like YouTubers may assist the EU to develop or create a wedge between both the Russian leadership and its people.

Bloomberg announced on Monday that the European Union published a document outlining ideas for influencing Russian citizens in advance of this week’s high-level conference in Prague. Even though the strategy is meant to be discussed in private, the media outlet claimed to have seen it.

As per Bloomberg, Berlin and Paris have proposed using influential video bloggers from sites such as Facebook, then TikTok, and even Telegram, among others like VK to spread EU-funded propaganda on “media literacy.” The plan is to teach Russians how to critically evaluate government-sponsored “propaganda” and identify credible sources of information that contradict official government statements.

The paper suggests that the EU should provide content for Russian-speaking communities of other countries. It has also been suggested that Russians should have access to a central location where they can go to avoid Internet censorship.

PHOTO. ©Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine back in February, the EU intensified its efforts to stifle Russian media inside the bloc. US digital giants like Facebook stopped distributing information from government-funded media to EU residents, and the EU barred them from broadcasting.

The need to oppose “Russian propaganda” was given in Brussels’ rationale for the filtering.

In return, Moscow blacklisted several Western news channels and established penalties for defamation of Russia’s military forces. And so it begins, TikTokers to Attack Moscow is the flavor of the day.

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