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Trump is Demanding an Immediate Electoral Redo

On Monday, Donald Trump made a public statement in which he argued that he should be recognized as the “rightful winner” of the presidential election in 2020, or that the election should be rerun. Trump’s anger erupted after CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook claimed that he curtailed the distribution of a report detrimental to Biden’s candidacy on the recommendation of the FBI.

“So it did come out, definitively, that the Federal bureau of investigation entombed the Hunter Biden computer narrative well before the election,” Trump wrote in a blog post on his Truth Social platform. He added that the authorities did so knowing that “if they didn’t, ‘Trump would’ve easily won the 2020 Presidential Race’.” [T]he FBI buried the story before the election because they knew that “if they didn’t, ‘Trump would have won easily the 2020 Presidential Election’.”

This same former president continued by saying, “This is massive fraud and interference in the election at a standard never before seen in our nation.” He also stated that as a “remedy,” he must be declared the “legitimate winner,” or that the government would need to “declare the 2020 election irredeemably undermined and have a snap election, immediately!”

Last Friday, Zuckerberg revealed to podcasting broadcaster Joe Rogan that Facebook made efforts to restrict the distribution of a New York Times article on Hunter Biden’s macbook in the run-up to the presidential race in 2020. The computer, the authenticity of which has subsequently been validated by an impartial organisation, contains information regarding Joe Biden’s son’s drug consumption, interactions with prostitutes, and international business connections, a few of which stood to profit Joe Biden Senior.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “came to us” with a warning that “there’s going to be some type of dump” of “Russian propaganda.” Additionally, during that time period, the Biden campaign inaccurately referred to the contents of the laptop as “Russian propaganda.”

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