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Is Your Pet the Master of the House?

The Master of the House

Over the decades, dogs and cats have proven to be the most popular pets, showering their owners with love and devotion. Have they now become the Master of the House?

There is nothing quite like returning home to a furry friend after a long day. The tail wags like a tornado upon your arrival, and the expression of love and contentment in their eyes is enough to soften even the toughest of hearts.

Cats are a bit more solitary than dogs, but they still make you feel welcomed by brushing up on your legs whenever you walk in the door, their enthusiasm may cause you to trip. They are merely acting happy because they expect food rewards. Not that you could possibly forget, but just in case.

Observing a kitten engage in its many amusing activities is one of the best ways to pass the time. Playing with a balloon or a strand of string and chasing it around is a lot of fun. When done tearing around the room, they could end up crashing on a pillow or your preferred chair. You immediately and happily offer it up to your snuffling furball.

It will accompany you to bed each night, and it may even decide to curl up with you there. Do you really want things to be any different? In addition, just as you’re ready to nod off, it thinks it’s time to start hanging out with other night owls instead of sleeping. You’ll be awakened to open the door or window and then have to wait until its return.

The happy medium of sound judgment

Then there’s the issue of deciding what kind of pet food to buy.

Domestic animal enjoys a certain meal. Perhaps it’s cooked chicken or fish from the freezer or the pantry. The anticipation on their face while waiting to make the right decision may be priceless. They wait in anticipation, knowing that food will soon be coming, and they stare eagerly at the door and you.

Those who think animals lack intelligence are sorely mistaken.

In the same vein, those who have never had a pet have no idea what they’re missing. Pets have the potential to become the only companions some people ever have. They’ll make you feel youthful and active forever. A pet, even if it’s only a bird in some kind of cage, is still a unique being that deserves to be treated with care and affection.

You do know that your pets are the ones in charge of your household, right?

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