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The Fallibility of Science and the Need for Humility

In his book “The Science Delusion,” Rupert Sheldrake highlights the limitations of human knowledge and the hubris of those who claim to have all the answers. The infamous double-slit experiment of quantum mechanics fame is one example of how scientific knowledge is provisional, multi-pronged, contingent on the observer, and complicated. However, instead of embracing new ideas, many cling to old ones, just because they are established. This unwillingness to accept change is a major flaw in conservative thinking.

“I know only one thing: that I know nothing.”

Today, science has become the trendy new religion of the intellectual elite. It has replaced the bearded, robed God of the Bible as the object of worship in industrialized society. However, despite impressive achievements, scientists still know very little about 95% of the matter in the universe, including dark matter. Given this vast unknown, one would expect humility from those considered “experts.”

Instead, people like Anthony Fauci are declaring themselves “The Science™” with a straight face, to the applause of the ruling class. This is a problem, as it is essential to remember that human knowledge is limited, and the universe is still largely a mystery. Therefore, humility is necessary to avoid falling into the same trap of hubris that has plagued humanity for centuries.

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