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Sweden Will NOT Share Russian Pipeline Findings

Sweden claims that the early findings of its official inquiry into the explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines cannot be shared because they are “secret.”

We will not be showing findings of the investigation into the serious damage to the Nord Stream 1- and 2- gas pipelines in late September, according to Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

“In Sweden, our early investigations are secret, and of course, that also goes in this situation,” Andersson said to reporters.

The explosions were determined to be a sabotage act but the perpetrator remains unknown.

Swedish authorities have lifted cordons and the country’s prime minister has indicated Russia may investigate the event as it sees fit.

Andersson argued that Sweden does not have ownership over the Swedish economic zone.

In response to Sweden’s denial of access to the probe, Putin, who has blamed the US and Britain for committing an “act of international terrorism” in attacking the pipelines, said, “We all know perfectly who the ultimate benefactor of this crime is.”

Former Pentagon adviser says U.S. and U.K. likely behind Nord Stream pipeline explosions, and assault was carried out to keep Germany from abandoning the war in Ukraine, as we have reported.

After Berlin “gives the appearance that they weren’t longer willing to participate in this covert conflict in Ukraine,” Douglas Macgregor speculated that the strikes were carried out to further isolate Germany.

German newsweekly Der Spiegel claims that weeks before the explosions, the CIA had alerted Berlin about a possible assault on pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin, meanwhile, argued that the United States was not responsible for the strike despite the fact that the Pentagon stated it was.

Vice President Joe Biden & Secretary of State for Government Affairs Victoria Nuland have both said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 would be shut down.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said after the assault that Europe now had a “tremendous chance” to “eliminate the dependency on Russian energy once and for all.”


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