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The Deputy Defense Minister Warns Poland might be at War with Russia

Insiders say that Poland might be at war with Russia

According to statements made by Poland’s Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa in an interview that was published on Wednesday by the Polish magazine DGP, Poland might be involved in a military war with Russia within the next 3 to 10 years. He went on to say that Warsaw would require the time that was left before the rumored conflict in order to collect as many weapons as was humanly feasible.

Ociepa added, “There is a big chance of a clash with Russia,” adding that the time of this prospective battle depended “on how the situation in Ukraine ends.” Ociepa was referring to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The official stated that in the end, it would be contingent on “how many years Russia would need to restore its military potential.” He did not find any other elements that may either enhance or lessen the likelihood of there being a disagreement in the future.

Ociepa brought up the matter when he was explaining the “geopolitical reality” that was apparently compelling Poland to quickly develop its own capability for self-defense. “We must take advantage of this moment for the maximum modernization of the Polish Army,” he told the paper as he tried to defend what Polish media is calling a “record” defense budget, which was augmented by certain “undefined” additional expenses. “We must take advantage of this time for the optimum rearmament of such Polish Army,” he said.

During the multinational exercise known as “Defender Europe 22,” which took place in Poland on May 26, 2022, a number of M1A2 Abrams tanks manufactured in the United States were present. The Global Look Press / The United States Army

According to reports from Poland’s PAP news agency, the preliminary version of Poland’s government budget for the following year includes record expenditures on the country’s military forces, totaling 98 billion zloty which is about ($20.52 billion). It was also mentioned that the extra-budgetary Armed Services Support Fund, which is maintained by that the Polish banking system BGK, will be used to raise some additional cash for the purpose of upgrading the army.

The Polish government has issued comments indicating that the fund established in the spring of this year will take “donations” from anybody who is prepared to “make a contribution” to Poland’s defense. As per Ociepa, the money might be worth anywhere between 30 and 40 billion zloty, which is equivalent to $6.36 billion and $8.48 billion. He went on to say that the precise amount is “unknown” since it would be dependent on “financial markets.”

Since quite some time ago, Warsaw has been drawing attention to the purported danger posed by Russia. Since the beginning of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine at the end of February, Poland and the Baltic States have been petitioning the United States and NATO for increased military help, using this purported threat as their justification.

In the meantime, Moscow has been maintaining its stance that one of the motivations for the attack in Ukraine was the development of the bloc closer to its borders.

Earlier Wednesday, NATO justified the organization’s decision to provide military assistance to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev by warning that Russia may risk “an assault on NATO countries” if it were successful in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the crisis, Poles have been one of the most steadfast backers of Kiev.

Additionally, Poland has maintained a hard-line attitude with regard to its ties with Moscow. In particular, it ceased the issuance of visas to citizens of Russia and the EU nations that advocated for a blanket ban on the issuance of visas to Russian nationals.

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