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Australian Emergency Doctor Speaks Up

An Australian emergency Doctor speaks up in opposition to the inoculation of kids for COVID-19. The physician, that masked his image for concerns of consequence by the health authorities, claims he’s “more bewildered at the ongoing state and federal government supporting of a medical interference marked by severe consequences in kids.”

This medical professional goes on to point out the ” increase in myocarditis” and also pericarditis in these young kids after the rollout of the injections, and that it is a very clear indicator that there are serious repercussions to immunizing youngsters against COVID-19.

This person further explains that the Stage 3 trials for 5-11-year-olds had just 600 participators of that there were zero “severely adverse” effects mentioned. Even so, the trial run research study said that there are “constantly” severe not known problems that can easily occur “right after the fact”.

Given the performance history of the drug organizations involved, it should be asked whether or not these types of trials can be relied on at all?.

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