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Austria Putting Unvaccinated People in Solitary Confinement

Austria is to launch solitary confinement for those still unvaccinated in 2 of Europe’s worst-hit coronavirus locations from Monday, and might expand it all over the nation, Alexander Schallenberg explained.

Millions of folks not completely immunized in the districts of Upper Austria and or Salzburg will be permitted to leave their residences ONLY for reasons considered necessary for LIFE, like heading to work, grocery store, or perhaps going to the physician, Schallenberg stated – these actions are believed to be unparalleled throughout Europe. Can you say HOME IMPRISONMENT!

” Unvaccinated folks will ONLY be permitted to leave their apartments to head to do the job, for food, or perhaps if they need to stretch their legs,” this guy claimed. Holy carp, talk about a dictatorship… What else can you call it?

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Locked-up at Home

The Guardian likewise reported on this:

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