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The Dark Legacy of Henry Kissinger: A Century of Death, Devastation, and Deception

The passing of Henry Kissinger at the age of 100 may herald the beginning of reverential eulogies, but to those aware of his legacy, a dark chapter concludes. His life, dedicated to serving a select group, wrought unimaginable death, devastation, and anguish upon the world.

In my exploration of a certain group in 1990, Kissinger’s name emerged prominently– a figure whose words masked untruths, always crafted to deceive.

Although the Establishment may portray your memory as that of an exceptional fighter, for those who are aware of your actions, your impact remains indelible.

Reported by Huff Post:

Henry Kissinger, a figure who, as a key American foreign policy figure, presided over, condoned, and at times actively engaged in some of the most abhorrent war crimes committed by the United States and its allies, passed away on Wednesday at his COnnecticut residence. He was 100 years old.

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