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The Hidden Hand of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism: How a Shadowy Elite is Shaping the Future of Business and Society

Unbeknownst to many, a relatively obscure yet influential body called the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” emerged during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it operates under a guise of humanitarian ideals, this group encapsulates what conspiracy theorists have long warned about– a centralized force merging major global corporations and governments, prioritizing ideology over profit.

Similar to a dystopian organization in George Orwell’s novels, this council aims to gather companies together in a network that promotes ideas of global interconnectedness, woke socialism, and climate activism. Their objective is to guide corporations in aligning themselves with a progressive political agenda and then using their influence to shape public perception. We have observed this approach being implemented through widespread campaigns promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in corporate offerings and media outlets.

Such intense indoctrination has coerced corporations into sacrificing profits for political motives, eroding the principles of a free market. Companies face a stark ultimatum: conform or risk being left behind, crushed under the weight of a socialist bureaucracy. Some may see this as a voluntary shift, perhaps enticed by promises of elevated governance roles in a “Great Reset” scenario.

The survival strategy for these aligned corporations involves cozying up to governments, securing state-backed monopolies, and thriving on perpetual subsidies. Their allegiance to woke ideologies could earn them a “too woke to fail” status, shielding them from public backlash.

The consolidation of corporate and government interests mirrors Mussolini’s notion of fascism, where a powerful entity like the Council for Inclusive Capitalism represents an autocratic authority. Under the leadership of Lady Lynn de Rothschild, this organization has assembled a formidable coalition of collaborators, encompassing major corporations, governments, the UN, and even the Vatican.

Central to their agenda is the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool for global control. AI, hyped as a transformative force, becomes a pretext for centralized authority. The narrative unfolds predictably: problem creation, exaggerated reaction, and then offering their governance as a solution.

Lady Rothschild’s comments on AI suggest a calculated plan to exploit the technolgy as a means of reconfiguring economic systems. Her disapproval of free markets is conspicuous, aligning with the ideals of centralization and contradicting the tenets of liberty inherent in free-market frameworks, such as those espoused by Adam Smith.

The disparities that serve as justifications for centralization are, in reality, consequences crafted by elites. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism and the Great Reset are mechanisms designed to cement corporate and elitist dominance indefinitely.

The Council holds the power to determine the destiny of companies, societal principles, distribution of resources, and is protected by governments to suppress any public disagreement. To criticize this economic intrusion is to be branded as a villain who opposes the collective welfare, thus reinforcing the belief that the Council is the savior of humanity.

The lingering concern is: why rely on these elites to define the collective interest or manage crucial choices? The promised AI-based governance is portrayed as an impartial mediator, conveniently exonerating those in power of responsibility.

In this shadowy narrative, AI becomes the omnipotent ruler– a faceless algorithmic authority shielded from rebellion. It’s a perfect guise for a technocratic elite to wield control over the world while evading culpability, using AI as a shield for their decisions.

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