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The Global Shift: Is a New World Order on the Horizon?

In a world where order and chaos often intertwine, we all have that one friend who can’t resist orchestrating every aspect of their life. Whether it’s matchmaking, dinner parties, or meticulously planned vacation itineraries, they insist on taking the reins. It’s as if the entire world should dance to their tune, following their schedule and rules.

For several decades, the United States has played that role on the global stage. However, the world is growing weary of it. A new invitation has been extended, one that might herald a new world order.

A Call for Unity

President Joe Biden recently addressed this shift, stating, “I think we have an opportunity to do things if we’re bold enough and have enough confidence in ourselves, to unite the world in ways that it never has been.” While this may sound promising, it’s essential to look at the historical backdrop.

Washington’s boldness and confidence have often resulted in unilateral regime-change bombings, support for jihadist proxies in Afghanistan and Syria, and alliances with controversial groups such as the Azov neo-Nazis in Ukraine. These actions have only contributed to global chaos, without yielding positive outcomes.

A Question of Whose Interests

Biden noted, “We were in a post-war period for 50 years where it worked out pretty damn well, but that sort of ran out of steam. It needs a new world order in a sense.” The question arises: “Worked out pretty damn well” for whom? Latin America, the Middle East, the European Union, and even Canada have felt the weight of U.S. intervention and interests at their expense.

Global Implications

The European Union had its Nord Stream pipeline disrupted shortly after Biden’s statement about ending it if the Ukraine conflict escalated. European leaders are realizing the consequences of their over-dependence on American fuel, leading to inflation and economic challenges. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act further hinders European exports, favoring American manufacturers.

The United Kingdom, despite its “special relationship” with the U.S., has yet to see the promised post-Brexit trade deal materialize.

The world is growing tired of playing by the U.S.’s rules under the old world order. It’s time for a change.

The Reality of Unity

Biden’s call for a “new world order” should be scrutinized. Any such unity would primarily serve U.S. economic interests.

For instance, Biden claimed success in getting Japan and South Korea to unite despite their historical differences. However, this unity is driven by support for U.S. agendas, such as countering China and engaging in military drills. The world is increasingly cautious about remaining silent in the face of U.S. demands.


The new world order that Biden proposes seems like a party hosted by someone who can’t resist delivering self-centered speeches about “muh democracy.” It’s a party where participants are coerced into annoying games that serve no one’s interests.

Yet, there’s a sense that this time, many invitations may go unanswered. The world is growing more selective, even if it means rejecting an offer that could result in backlash. The question remains, is this truly a new world order, or just a different version of the same old story? Only time will tell.

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