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The Dangers of Nuclear Warfare

Nuclear Warfare, can we survive it?

The dangers of nuclear warfare, electro-magnetic pulse, or perhaps online aggressions on the network have NEVER been greater. So, what should people be getting ready for? Simply put, the whole caboodle, EVERYTHING.

In each of these examples, the grid is most likely to crash, meaning, your house or apartment is going to have absolutely NO electrical power.

Your clean water will not function, neither will your washrooms, your oven, or even your heating unit (except if you get a wood-burning stove.)

So, get ready to have absolutely NO power/electricity for a prolonged period of time.

Any one of those things I mentioned could very well take place, and assuming that one of them does, you’d better be ready or face the consequences. The possibility of all these being a false flag to get the United state of America, Russia, and Ukraine into a world war is extremely genuine/real.

A lot of Americans/Canadians are actually over the constant warmongering of these nations and the death and devastation being proliferated through the state and federal government and are most likely to hesitate to go through the repercussions of battle or even think that it could ever happen. Even so, a false flag can quickly change your mind.

Could this be the ideal justification to compel a central bank digital currency (complete enslavement) on the general public?

Most of us recognize and believe we were actually born servants or slaves however if people accept their electronic unit of currency, ( Digital ID ) it is going to be irreversible, and there will definitely be zero likelihood for escape.

The end game is definitely “total control over each and every human being on this planet”.

These people want to manipulate and control every little thing from the resources of the world to the network/internet, to the cash supply.

Why is NATO still in existence today?
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Nuclear Warfare

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