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Trauma Surgeon Claims Unvaccinated Patients Given Lower Standard of Care

Dr. James Miller, a trauma surgeon, and surgical ICU physician, has claimed that COVID-19 patients who did not receive vaccinations were intentionally given substandard care.

According to The Daily Sceptic, Dr. Miller initially thought that the hospital’s patient care was unaffected by the hospital and medical community’s false narratives, including those about racism and diversity. However, after discovering fraudulent activity by some of the hospital’s administrative doctors that harmed patients, Dr. Miller reported the hospital administration for fraud. In response, he faced false allegations of professional misconduct, but they were all dismissed.

In 2020, when COVID-19 cases surged, Dr. Miller observed that the hospital’s quality data became opaque, and a new narrative, contrary to existing observations and data, was forced upon the medical community. Dr. Miller reported numerous complaints to the quality department about care breaches that were becoming commonplace.

Later, in mid-2020 to 2021, following a leak of information from the opaque administration, Dr. Miller discovered that unexpected morbidity and mortality numbers for trauma patients had more than doubled. Dr. Miller observed that his colleagues and hospital administration were abandoning or undermining policies, practices, and quality metrics, leading to poor patient outcomes.

After the COVID-19 vaccine was rolled out in late 2020, it became a mandate in the broader community and was definitively mandated by the late summer of 2021.

The medical community in Snohomish, Washington State, where Dr. Miller worked, started refusing to provide care to unvaccinated patients outside of the hospital. Dr. Miller felt compelled to speak out when he witnessed that unvaccinated patients were being denied basic primary care. In his opinion, patients who were not vaccinated against COVID-19 received substandard care, and this was deliberate.

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