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The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Condemns Gender Ideology and Harmful Procedures

The Importance of Keeping Harmful Ideas and Practices Regarding Gender Segregation Away from Young People and Adults. It is crucial to have organizations like the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) stand up against these harmful practices as more established medical groups endorse the chemical and surgical mutilation of gender-confused children and adults. These practices include gender reassignment surgery and chemical castration. The AAPS has just issued a statement in which it criticizes gender ideology and the practices that go along with it.

The following is an outline of the most important aspects of the AAPS statement:

It is immoral to force doctors and other medical professionals to take part in practices that they see as unethical or as having the potential to cause harm to their patients.

When a person is conceived, their genotype will define their biological gender. With very few exceptions, a person’s gender may be accurately ascertained at birth and is manifest.

In today’s cultural discourse, gender fluidity is an idea that is met with a great deal of resistance.

Although it is possible to alter the outward look of one’s body by the use of various medical, surgical, and other procedures, this does not result in a change in the individual’s biological sex.

Especially at a young age, when identity is readily influenced and brain development is not yet complete, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of persons who identify as a gender that is different from their sex. This phenomenon is called gender dysphoria.

The so-called “gender-affirming” treatments that are currently receiving widespread support are almost always irreversible and have a significant likelihood of leading to sterility. They include medications that prevent puberty, hormones related to sexual activity, and surgical procedures like castration, penectomy, and mastectomy, all of which ensure that the patient will require ongoing medical, surgical, and psychological care for the rest of their lives.

Due to a lack of informed consent, unknown and unknowable long-term risks, and the irreversible consequences of removing normal and healthy organs, “gender-affirming care” in minors is medically and ethically contraindicated. This is because “gender-affirming care” is medically and ethically contraindicated.

The AAPS takes a stance opposed to the idea of gender roles and maintains that there are only two genders. Intersex is a biological aberration that does not disrupt the traditional dichotomy of male and female sexuality.

Those who are aware that it is not feasible for a person to alter their gender will find the declaration made by the AAPS to be very good news. There are normally just two genders, namely male and female, although there are occasions when there are deviations from this rule. In addition, medical professionals, European medical institutions, and the experiences of persons who have previously struggled with gender confusion have demonstrated that transgender medications and operations are dangerous.

In point of fact, LifeSiteNews has published a number of articles on the dangers of transgenderism. The sources of these articles range from reputable medical professionals to social scientists and “de-transitioners,” or people who have begun the process of transitioning but have since changed their minds.

It is extremely important for those who work in the medical field to reject the urge to adhere to gender ideology and instead put the health and well-being of their patients as their first priority. The statement made by the AAPS offers vital direction and serves as a cautionary tale on the numerous dangers that are involved with the ongoing cultural discourse on gender.

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