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Amish Farmer Terrorized by the Government

Amish grower Amos Miller of Miller’s Organic Farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, is currently being ruthlessly terrorized by the federal government. This is due to the fact that two individuals are said to have gotten sick from drinking raw milk that Miller supplied to his personal buyers’ club. The emphasis should be placed on the word “supposedly.”

Despite the knowledge that he has 1000s of happy clients who have never encountered any issues with his natural dairy products, eggs, grass-fed meat, cheese, as well as fresh produce, the (USDA) simply refuses to leave Miller alone, as per reports. Could the be because he sells grass-fed meats, cheese, and organic vegetables?

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Miller is one of several Amish farmers who do not use agrochemicals or even fertilizers on their crops. In addition to this, he does not do anything with a gas-powered or electric-powered engine, opting instead to accomplish things in the traditional and natural manner.

Miller’s conventional tactics were working quite well for both him and his customers until thugs from Washington, D.C. who were paid with money from taxpayers decided to meddle with his business. As a result of his refusal to comply with the requirements set out by the government, he might be subject to financial penalties or even incarceration.

In an interview conducted in 2021, Miller discussed his farm, his customers, and the foods that his customers buy and eat. He stated that his customers “use it as a medicine.” Because it is raw, it has a tremendously restorative effect on the body.

Miller’s Organic Farm is said to have “nice people” working there, as well as a “location that is extremely clean” and “great product,” according to one of Miller’s customers who was mentioned.

Then, from out of nowhere in 2014, two users who drank Miller’s products subsequently screened positive for listeriosis, and his organic farm was immediately accused of the outbreak. Unfortunately, one of the people passed away in the end.

Since then, the USDA has filed a lawsuit against Miller because he has refused to stop selling his products. It is important to keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of individuals become ill and die every single year as a result of deli meat, salad greens, or other USDA-approved foods that come from corporate farms that rely on chemical farming, but those farms are never harassed and shut down in a manner similar to this one.

Miller has been subjected to persistent harassment by the USDA for the better part of a decade, and in March of this year, a federal court ordered him to cease the sale of all beef. This court also gave permission for armed United States Marshals to use “reasonable force” in order to obtain entry to Miller’s farm and conduct regular inspections to verify that he was not selling beef. (Related: in 2012, the United States government ruined the life of an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania named Dan Allgyer for selling raw milk to consumers.)

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