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Swedish Physicians Demanded that Pfizer Pause Injections

16 Swedish physicians and scientists demanded that Pfizer’s COVID injections all over the country be “STOPPED briefly till risk/benefit estimations are created for all age categories” referencing “substantial research study fraudulence” in the pharmaceutical drug firm’s medical tests.

The group’s claim in a November 5th news release appeared in the light of a whistleblower‘s accounts to the distinguished British Medical Journal (BMJ), saying that a Pfizer subcontractor firm had misstated data, and also ignored the follow-up of patients experiencing unfavorable events as they carried out a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination tests in 2020.

At the same time, the number of unfavorable results, post-injection in the united state of America continues to expand, as recorded at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Records from December 14th, 2020, through Oct 20th, 2021, show at least 856,919 unfavorable events following COVID-19 shots, and this number is on the LOW side, some feel it is ONLY 1 percent of the TRUE numbers.

Of this particular amount, there is a total of 18,078 reports of loss of lives (DEATH), and 127,457 reports of SEVERE personal injuries, consisting of DEATH, during the course of the very same time frame – up 3,570 compared to the past week.

Children’s Health Protection disclosed that “of the 8,284 American fatalities revealed since Oct. 29th, 10% happened in just 24 hr of inoculation, 15% took place in just 2 days of inoculation, and also 26% happened in those that experienced signs and symptoms in just two days of getting immunized.

The CDC has even confessed to finding a “most likely association” among heart swelling in youngsters and young people soon after inoculation using this experimental mRNA COVID jab. A number of teenagers have already passed away shortly after getting their jabs.

If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will… Folks, they are coming for your children… DON’T let that happen…

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