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Despite Research Showing Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccinations Promotes Asthma in Children, the CDC Continues to Assert that the Ingredient is Safe

Even though research indicated that the aluminum adjuvant in vaccinations is connected to asthma in children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to maintain that the aluminum adjuvant in vaccinations is safe for children.

A study that was funded by the federal government and posted in Academic Pediatrics found that children who received three (mg) or more of aluminum from inoculations had at least a 36 percent higher likelihood of developing respiratory problems compared to kids who received less aluminum. The study was conducted on children who were 24 to 59 months old.

According to Dr. Brian Hooker, the chief medical officer for the health freedom organization Children’s Health Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has never conducted comparative research with children who have never been exposed to aluminum from immunizations in any capacity. His explanation was as follows: “A meaningful comparison should indeed be done in between maximal aluminum exposure at the age of two – which is about four milligrams [of] total injected aluminum adjuvant – and a 0 exposure group.”

Hooker referred to a study from the year 2020 that he had collaborated on and that indicated an odds ratio of – 4.49 for asthmatic in immunized children in comparison to children who had not been vaccinated. He went on to note that the scope of this research was restricted to vaccinations administered during the first year of birth.

“My expectation is that they’ll take advantage of the minor finding to dodge any more debate on aluminum adjuvants in child immunizations,” he remarked. “My assumption is that they will exploit the negligible result to dodge any further discussion.” “They have consistently used this strategy over the years,” you say.

Bigtree and Jaxen criticize the research for its flaws.

The erroneous research was criticized by Del Bigtree, the creator of Information And consent Action Network, during an edition of his show “The HighWire.” Bigtree & co-host Jefferey Jaxen focused their attention on the removal of critical factors by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a research that was said to be “honest and upright” about the health & safety of children.

According to Jaxen, “the big news here isn’t what was included in the research; rather, the bigger narrative is what was not included in the study.” “It examined for the connection between aluminum exposure to immunizations before 2 years and persistent bronchitis at age 24 to 59 months, and kids were eliminated if they were not utilizing the (VSD) site for preventive care,” the study said.

In 1990, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) initiated a research initiative known as the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) project to investigate the potential risks associated with vaccinations.

Children who had less than 2 well-child visits between the ages of birth and 11 months or children who had no well-child visits between the ages of 12 and 23 months are included on the website. Pediatrician sessions known as “well-child visits” focus mostly on administering vaccinations to the patient.

People who haven’t been inside the VSD facility recently won’t be let in, according to them. “Those who visited a doctor who was not affiliated with our facility are not eligible,” Bigtree said. “It’s one of the cons they pull,” you say. They do not accept patients who have not had at least 2 well-baby checks.

A possible link has been made between the use of aluminum as an adjuvant in childhood vaccines and the observed rise in the prevalence of allergic diseases and asthma in children, which began around the year 1980. In 2013, the National Institutes Of Health, which has since been known as the National Academy of Medicine, issued a demand for a further government investigation into the safety of pediatric immunizations, particularly the use of aluminum in those vaccines.

“And it is only now, after ten years, that they’re looking at this, but all we’re getting are milk toast studies. They are skewing the results of the research by eliminating children who have had less than two checkups for their well-being, as Jaxen pointed out. (This article is related to Dr. Stephanie Christner’s claim that healthy individuals are unknowingly going into a poison jail known as the vaccination schedule, which can be seen on Brighteon.TV.)

More reports concerning the public health agency’s insistence on the safety of vaccinations may be found on the website

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