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Some Voted 28 Times Trump Said

Donald Trump is quoted as saying to Dinesh D’Souza that on election day in 2020, some individuals voted up to 28 times to prevent him from being reelected.

This assertion was made by the former president during an interview that was shown on Rumble on Monday and was part of D’Souza’s podcast. The former president did not specify where he obtained the figure.

The film 2,000 Mules, which D’Souza made and which has been heavily criticized, was brought up in a conversation between Trump and D’Souza.

D’Souza said to Trump, “It appears to me that the thing you’re suggesting is that you believe there was defrauding in various ways,” but Trump didn’t understand what he meant. “2,000 Mules may have been successful in capturing one of the methods, but you do realize that there were other instances of cheating going on, right?”

According to Trump, “cheating” took place all throughout the nation.

“Yeah, as 2,000 Mules said. Because you were using government recordings, it proved to be a very conclusive method, he claimed. “And then, obviously, they voted 6, 7, or 8 times,” she said. as much as they were able to inside the immediate region. Some of the voters went back to vote at various locations many times—I believe they said up to 28 times in a single day.

Trump continued by saying, “They can’t put in a thousand because it wouldn’t look good.” They have a lot of intelligence.

The past president said that “millions” of fraudulent votes were cast as a result of the “fraud” that occurred during the election. He also claimed that the media would not discuss his allegations of such a stolen election and that no court would look into his allegations that the election had been manipulated.

He claimed, “They became startled by the reality that judicial letters were issued to people all over the place,” and that was what caused them to become concerned. “I believe that’s a factor in why the networks don’t want to speak about it, or at least it’s certainly the reason the stations that are fair, among which there are little or few, and they don’t want to speak about it because they don’t want to get sued,”

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