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If Doug Ford speaks during the investigation all HELL will let loose

If Doug Ford speaks during the investigation, his legal team claims “irreparable damage” would result from his testimony.

An appeal for judicial review has been submitted by Ontario in an effort to get a subpoena for Doug Ford to appear before an investigation into the Emergency Act in Ottawa overturned. So Doug is going to court so he doesn’t need to go to court.

Is it insanity or a perfect plan?

Remember, he will be under a microscope for 6 to 8 hours on LIVE camera, with nowhere to hide, no one to tell him what to say, NADA, he will be all alone to face the best lawyers in Ontario. I can hear the cracking now, and so can Justin Castro.

If Ford testifies, according to the Attorney General’s statements in papers that were submitted to the Federal Court, “irreparable damage would result.” I wonder who this damage will be. Can you say JT?

The province makes use of parliamentary privilege, which grants protection from having to testify in court and during inquiry to sitting members of the provincial government.

The use of the Emergency Act by the federal government to put a stop to the infamous Freedom Convoy rallies that took place between Ottawa and Windsor over the winter is being investigated by the Public Order Emergencies Commission.

The panel asked both Ford plus Sylvia Jones, who is now the Minister of Health and was the Solicitor General during the time of the demonstrations, to appear before the investigation on Monday.

The provincial government has requested that the court hear its time-sensitive case on the following Tuesday.

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