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Shocking News: Synthetic Version of Monkeypox 1,000 Times More Lethal Than Natural Version Being Created

A laboratory affiliated with Bill Gates is reportedly working on a synthetic version of monkeypox that is 1,000 times more lethal than the natural version.

This news has caught the attention of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, as three of its chairs have written a letter to the senior official performing the duties of director at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Lawrence Tabak, demanding information about the experiment.

Details about the experiment surfaced after a researcher funded by NIH and Gates discussed his plans to create a dangerous supercharged monkeypox in a September 2022 Science article on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) work on monkeypox.

The project aims to transfer genes from “clade 1” or Congo Basin clade monkeypox virus into “clade 2” or West African clade monkeypox virus. The former is an extremely lethal version of the virus, which is classified as a Federal Select Agent because of its potential for harm. The latter is the version currently circulating in humans and is far less lethal.

The potential risk associated with this experiment is immense, as the synthetic virus could be 1,000 times more lethal than the natural virus and as transmissible as the natural virus. According to, the House Energy and Commerce Committee is concerned about the adequacy of the NIH’s oversight of research that poses significant biosafety and biosecurity risks.

The committee has requested a formal response from NIH by April 13, 2023. The letter also contains a formal notice to preserve all existing and future records and materials related to the topic.

It remains to be seen how this experiment will play out, but the potential risks associated with it are certainly concerning. It is imperative that the NIH takes all necessary steps to ensure that the experiment is conducted safely and that the public is informed of any developments.

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