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John Kerry’s Perspective – Humans Are the Greatest Threat To Earth

The Urgency of Climate Change

In his recent address to the Scottish Global Dialogues, John Kerry, the Climate Czar in the Biden administration, emphasized the pressing need to address the climate crisis. He expressed his concerns about the future of humanity, asserting that it hangs in the balance due to the challenges posed by overpopulation.

Depopulation for a Sustainable Future

Kerry highlighted the importance of meeting the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 climate goals to ensure a better quality of life for future generations. He argued that reducing the global population is a necessary step to achieve these goals.

Opposition to Climate Change

Mitigation Kerry pointed out that some individuals and groups refuse to accept the stringent measures proposed by globalist elites and climate scientists to combat climate change. He characterized these dissenters as “threatening humanity.”

The Role of Science and Facts

The Climate Czar emphasized the significance of empirical facts and scientific evidence in addressing climate change. He criticized those who question the consensus on climate change, labeling them as “extremists” and members of a cult.

Challenging Climate

Change Skeptics Kerry accused political voices and vested interests of distorting the science of climate change for personal gain. He argued that they incite a movement against what he referred to as “climate change fanaticism.”

Humanity at a Crossroads

Kerry concluded his speech by reflecting on the challenges posed by climate change skeptics and the need for collective action to combat the climate crisis. He underlined the urgency of the situation by stating, “So now, humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.”

Historical Context

Kerry’s comments evoke the infamous 1991 publication by The Club of Rome, which asserted that “the common enemy of humanity is man.” This publication followed earlier reports from the same organization in 1972, which also discussed depopulation strategies as a means to address global challenges.

In conclusion, John Kerry’s address highlights the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for a global response to protect the future of humanity. While his perspective has stirred debate and controversy, it underscores the importance of addressing climate change as a global priority.

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