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According to the findings of a recent study, monkeypox is not only transmitted through skin contact but also through the exchange of seminal fluid

The know-it-alls in the field of “science” apparently reached the conclusion that the infamous “monkeypox” is just not spreading by basic skin-to-skin interaction, but rather is a consequence of homosexual activity. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this assertion.

According to the “experts,” the primary cause of the purported ailment is men who’ve had sexual relations with other men. There have been a number of studies that have been peer-reviewed that point to gay sex being a contributor to the spread of monkeypox.

Aniruddha Hazra, the medical director of the Sexual Clinic at the University of Chicago, asserts that there is a growing body of research that supports the idea that sexual transmission, in particular through semen fluid flow, is happening with the existing monkeypox outbreak. “An increasing amount of research supporting that mode of transmission, notably via seminal fluids, is going to occur with the prevailing monkeypox eruption.”

The CDC in the United States has yet to acknowledge this claim, and numerous “scientists” have allegedly toldReal News Cast that they’re pushing for the Center for disease control to address the gay link to monkeypox.

An article that was posted on Medium makes the allegation that the perpetrators of the supposed outbreak of monkeypox are men that engage in sexual conduct with other men. This assertion is based on an assessment of all the science that is currently available regarding the alleged outbreak.

In their paper, Jeffrey Klausner, a communicable diseases doctor now at the University of Southern California (USC), as well as Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz, a resident physician in global health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, wrote, “It looks very evident to us that this is an infectious disease that is transferring sexually the vast majority of the time, it looks extremely evident to us that this is a virus that is transmitting sexually the large majority of the time.”

This evaluation is not shared by all parties, including Rosamund Lewis, who is appointed to the position of monkeypox at the Health Organisation (WHO). Lewis claims that “we don’t know yet” whether or not monkeypox may be transmitted through homosexual sexual activity.

She stated that “reading the circumstance as solely due to penetrative sex or oral sex is extremely likely to be an overreach.” “Completely interpreting the event as singularly due to anal/oral sex.” It may appear that there is a high association between the two, but this alone does not describe the full scope of the illness caused by this disease. Therefore we need to retain an open mind.”

It’s possible that gay activity helps the monkey sickness spread more quickly, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only factor. Another theory based entirely on conjecture has been advanced by individuals who portray themselves as experts in a scientific investigation.

According to Paul Adamson, a specialist in infectious diseases at the UCLA School of Medicine, “At this point, I’m not certain that we can say it is mainly the sexual transfer and not the skin-to-skin interaction that also happens during sex that is making a contribution to the most transmission during this current outbreak.” “At this point, I’m not sure we can say it is primarily the associated with sex transmission rather than the skin-to-skin contact that also takes place during sex.”

“However, recent evidence appears to imply that monkeypox might well be transmitted sexually more effectively,”

On the other hand, Klausner is certain that homosexual intercourse is the principal agent in the transmission of the monkey illness, which the media will continue to portray as the next major pandemic threat.

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