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Sheriff Issues a Warning Against the Epic Slaughter of Americans and Identifies Fentanyl as the Killing Agent

Sherrifs Warning Against the "Epic Slaughter of Americans"

Jim Skinner, the sheriff of Collin County, Texas, stated that the narcotics that are being trafficked throughout its southern part of the border are the cause of a significant number of deaths, and the administration of Joe Biden has neglected the sheriffs in those districts.

He said that there was a 571% spike in deaths connected to fentanyl in his county, which is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, since the year 2019. The affects every single state. He stated that drug cartels are responsible for the deaths of American citizens. He suggested that public service announcements on the hazards of fentanyl should be broadcast on both television and social media platforms.

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According to Judge Jeanine Pirro, newly colored fentanyl tablets are being manufactured with the goal of drawing children’s attention to the drug. Fentanyl is responsible for around 300 deaths per day in the United States.

In 2020, there have been 56,065 fatalities attributable to fentanyl, while in 2021, there have been 75,673 fatalities ascribed to it. Fentanyl is responsible for 67% of all drug-related deaths. Despite the fact that those involved in the drug trade have been caught, there have been no prosecutions or penalties.

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