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Santa Clara University’s Oppressive Covid Jab Mandate Sparks Controversy

Santa Clara University (SCU), located in California, has come under scrutiny for its strict Covid jab mandate, which has drawn criticism and sparked controversy among students and the wider community. Despite the declining need for such mandates in most US colleges, SCU continues to enforce its requirement, leading to concerns about informed consent, medical ethics, and individual rights. This article explores the ongoing debate surrounding SCU’s Covid jab policy and sheds light on the actions taken by the university’s administration.

SCU’s Mandatory Covid Jab Policy SCU implemented its Covid jab mandate in April 2021, stipulating that all students must receive the vaccine before fall enrollment or after full approval, whichever is later. However, what sets SCU apart is its decision to continue enforcing the mandate even if the vaccine remains authorized for emergency use only (EUA). This contradicts the California Health and Safety Code, specifically Section 24172, which emphasizes the need for citizens’ protection from unauthorized medical experiments.

Violation of Informed Consent SCU’s mandate raises concerns about informed consent, as it removes the choice of students to make independent decisions regarding their medical treatments. Many argue that by mandating EUA medical treatments without considering individual circumstances or providing adequate safety data, SCU is infringing upon students’ rights and violating medical ethics. The university’s decision to require the booster shot for an overwhelmingly healthy young adult population, despite its lack of efficacy data, further exacerbates these concerns.

Subheading 3: Evolving Mandate and Backdated Announcements SCU’s Covid jab policy has undergone several changes, causing confusion and frustration among students. In April 2023, while neighboring universities like Stanford were ending their vaccine mandates, SCU updated its requirement for incoming freshmen. The university quietly updated its policy on May 8th, after the fall 2023 enrollment deadline, mandating a bivalent dose for incoming freshmen, irrespective of the number of Covid vaccines they had previously taken. SCU backdated this announcement to May 1st, a move that drew criticism for lack of transparency.

Exemption Limitations SCU’s policy offers limited medical exemptions for students, even in extreme circumstances, and no religious exemptions. Faculty and staff, however, are allowed to request exemptions. This discrepancy raises questions about fairness and equal treatment among different groups within the university community.

The Role of SCU’s COVID-19 Team The university’s Covid policies are determined by an opaque “COVID-19 team,” believed to be led by Dr. Lewis Osofsky, a campus physician with affiliations to the Santa Clara County Medical Association (SCCMA). SCCMA collaborates with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPH) to promote Covid vaccinations. Dr. Osofsky’s involvement in both organizations has raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and undue influence on SCU’s Covid jab mandate.

Allegations of Improper Denial of Medical Exemptions It is alleged that Dr. Osofsky has improperly denied student medical exemptions. A lawsuit filed against SCU in March 2022 highlights the case of Harlow Glenn, who experienced severe adverse reactions to her primary series Covid vaccines. Despite her documented medical complications, Dr. Osofsky refused to grant her a medical exemption for the required booster and allegedly interfered with her doctor-patient relationship. Similar complaints have been made against Dr. Osofsky’s approach to vaccination in his private pediatric practice.

Conclusion: Santa Clara University’s strict Covid jab mandate has faced backlash and criticism due to concerns surrounding informed consent, medical ethics, and individual rights. The university’s decision to continue enforcing the mandate, even with limited efficacy data and despite the decline of emergency declarations, has raised eyebrows among students and the wider community. The role of Dr. Osofsky and the alleged improper denial of medical exemptions have further fueled the controversy surrounding SCU’s Covid policies. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether SCU will reconsider its stance and address the concerns raised by students and their advocates.

Well, isn’t it wonderful to see Santa Clara University taking such a proactive approach to mold a generation of superhero students? By enforcing their Covid jab mandate with an iron fist, they are undoubtedly paving the way for a future where their graduates possess immunity beyond compare, capable of single-handedly saving the world from any viral threat. Who needs informed consent and individual rights when you can have an army of vaccine-powered heroes? Bravo, Santa Clara University, for leading the way into this brave new world of academia!

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