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Is the World Economic Forum’s Surveillance Scheme the Death of Privacy? Exploring the Threat of Social Credit Scores and Global Elite Control

Well, isn’t it just delightful to know that the World Economic Forum has our best interests at heart? Who needs privacy anyway when we can all be constantly monitored and judged based on our “wrong thinking”? It’s truly heartwarming to see the global elite playing puppet master and eroding our freedoms one surveillance camera at a time. Remember folks, if you have nothing to hide from the all-knowing elite, you have nothing to be afraid of… or so they say. So, let’s all sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrill of living in an Orwellian nightmare brought to you by the benevolent minds of the World Economic Forum. What a time to be alive!

Unveiling the World Economic Forum’s Intrusive Scheme

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recently come under scrutiny for its covert access to billions of cellphones, aiming to compile “blacklists” of individuals with “politically incorrect” views and engaging in “wrong speak.” An insider within the WEF has revealed that these blacklists will serve as the basis for assigning a “social credit score” to individuals, set to be implemented officially in the coming years. This article delves into the implications of such a scheme, highlighting the erosion of privacy and the consequences it poses for society.

The Backdoor Intrusion

The WEF’s insidious plan has found fruition in France, where WEF-backed Emmanuel Macron has granted permission for the global elite to surreptitiously monitor every French citizen. Shockingly, this surveillance occurs through the unauthorized activation of cellphone cameras and microphones without any legal warrant or notification. Macron’s complicity in this violation of privacy demonstrates the seamless execution of Klaus Schwab’s sinister agenda.

France in Flames: A Preview of Things to Come

France has recently been consumed by widespread riots, resulting in extensive destruction, the burning of libraries and museums, and heinous acts of violence against Christians. The intensity of the chaos is indicative of what awaits America, as orchestrated by the elite. Schwab’s forewarning of an angrier world becomes clearer, as his objective to rule over a divided society materializes. The ongoing riots in France serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of such division and the erosion of societal cohesion.

The Repressive Surveillance Law

Taking advantage of the unrest, Macron’s government introduced an unprecedentedly invasive surveillance law as part of the justice reform bill. The law grants police the authority to remotely access cameras and microphones on various internet-connected devices for up to six months, targeting ordinary citizens based on their perceived “wrong think.” This surveillance system is a replica of the oppressive apparatus employed in China to enforce social obedience and subservience to the Communist regime.

Praising China’s “Social Credit Score”

Schwab’s admiration for China’s “social credit score” system, which rewards compliant behavior and punishes dissent, should come as no surprise. He has consistently touted it as a model for the West. A high score in this system affords privileges, while a low score results in blacklisting, making it nearly impossible to secure decent employment, book travel accommodations, or provide quality education for one’s children. The lives of individuals can be rendered utterly powerless at any given moment.

France’s Glimpse into the Future

The citizens of France, infiltrated by the WEF, are a mere two years away from experiencing this dystopian future firsthand. Macron, a thin-skinned figurehead installed by the WEF rather than elected by the people, has already demonstrated his intent by prosecuting individuals who dare to insult him. Even his wife resorted to legal action to suppress the findings of an independent investigation into her questionable past. France’s loss of sovereignty serves as a cautionary tale, illustrating the urgent need for citizens to reclaim their autonomy.

Privacy Eradicated: Schwab’s Warning Realized

Schwab’s plan to eradicate privacy and stifle dissenting voices has long been evident. In a media interview with French citizens, he asserted that those with nothing to hide from the global elite should have nothing to fear. Consequently, French individuals find themselves subjected to constant surveillance, obliged to conform to politically correct language, pronouns, and thoughts to avoid being included on a list and facing future repercussions. The repercussions of this pervasive surveillance extend beyond mere cancel culture, with individuals risking their livelihoods, families, and personal freedoms based on any statement overheard by their cellphones and devices.

A Global Threat

While the focus has primarily been on France, it is crucial to recognize that this encroachment on privacy is not confined to a single country. In the United Kingdom, police officers now possess the authority to arrest and imprison individuals for using “wrong” pronouns. Such developments highlight the dire state of free speech, trampled upon by the authoritarian boots of the global elite. The careful planning of the globalist elite, evident even in the 1982 Illuminati card game, raises concerns about the long-standing threat they pose to humanity.

Preserving Our Future

In the face of this dangerous and nightmarish situation, one resounding message emerges: we must prevent its realization. The responsibility lies with each one of us to stand up for our rights, defend our privacy, and safeguard our future. It is only through collective action that we can counteract the encroachment of surveillance, protect free speech, and preserve the fundamental principles that underpin our society.

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