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Russia and China Unite Against Cancel Culture: A Cultural Alliance Strengthened

Strengthening Cultural Ties to Combat Cancel Culture

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are taking a stand against the growing phenomenon of ‘cancel culture.’ In a recent meeting, the leaders of Russia and China committed to deepening their cultural ties as a means to counteract this trend.

A Stabilizing International Partnership

During their Thursday meeting, President Putin highlighted the importance of the Russia-China partnership. He emphasized that their relationship, grounded in the realities of a multipolar world, is a key stabilizing force on the global stage. This alliance aims to promote cultural diversity and resist the politicization of culture.

Promoting Cultural and Civilizational Diversity

In a joint statement, Moscow and Beijing expressed their commitment to acknowledging cultural and civilizational diversity as a foundation for further dialogue, cooperation, and exchange. The two nations vowed to oppose any attempts to politicize culture or cancel the cultural contributions of any country or people. They stressed the importance of standing against discrimination, xenophobia, and cultural erasure.

Expanding Cross-Cultural Exposure

One of the key goals of this partnership is to expand cross-cultural ties. Russia and China plan to increase the exposure of their respective populations to each other’s art, museums, and cinema. This cultural exchange aims to foster mutual understanding and appreciation between the two nations.

Resistance Against Cultural Isolation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking in late February, condemned the Western elites’ efforts to isolate Russia culturally and informationally. He declared these efforts a complete failure. Lavrov’s statement highlighted the determination of Russia to resist any external attempts to diminish its cultural influence and heritage.

Prioritizing Cultural Integrity Within the CIS

At the start of the year, as Russia assumed the rotating presidency of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Kremlin underscored its commitment to resisting destructive external influences on member states. A primary focus was combating attempts to cancel the culture of specific peoples or undermine their contributions to global heritage.


The alliance between Russia and China is a robust response to the challenges posed by cancel culture. By promoting cultural diversity and resisting efforts to politicize or erase cultural contributions, these two nations are positioning themselves as defenders of global cultural integrity. Through expanded cultural exchanges and a commitment to mutual understanding, Russia and China are strengthening their ties and standing against the forces of cultural isolation and discrimination.

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