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Putin thinks the United States is willing to sacrifice Europe

Is the United States is willing to sacrifice Europe

Vladimir Putin thinks the United States is willing to sacrifice Europe in order to preserve its superpower status.

The US has traditionally played the role of “global police” and “go-to” country in times of international crises. After WWII, the United States became the world’s financial center, and the dollar continued to be used as a reserve currency. The dollar has never been surpassed.

While Europe’s goal in establishing the European Union was to reduce the likelihood of war inside the continent, the creation of the euro was motivated by a desire to compete with the U.S. dollar. I’ve tried to explain why they’ve been unsuccessful on several occasions. But now the Euro is falling and trading below the Dollar. Even though every nation is vying for domination on the international stage, diplomatic connections are maintained and only Schwab advocates for a worldwide government.

According to Putin, Western nations moved too quickly to impose sanctions on Russia.

Despite Joe Biden’s public admission that sanctions never work, there was a rush to impose them on Russia.

No one ever considered discussing peace. Giving up territory or proposing to weaken NATO was never viable options.

There were quick threats and sanctions. Why?

Putin told the audience at Russia’s Eastern Summit Meeting in the town of Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast that the pandemic had been replaced by brand-new hurdles of such a global nature, carrying a danger to the whole world. He was referring to the punitive measures hurry in the West and the West’s flagrantly forceful efforts to impose their modus vivendi on all other countries, to remove their sovereignty, and to submit them to their will.

Europe is bearing the brunt of such sanctions because it gave up its most reliable source of energy to help a country with a GDP of less than $200 billion. Before the crisis, Europe showed little interest in Ukraine and did not wish to see the nation adopt the euro. After Russia occupied eastern Europe in the aftermath of World War II, many Europeans, notably Germans, developed a strong antipathy against the country. Politicians now are old enough to recall the time when Germany was divided.

Russia’s critical backing of the Axis forces during WWII is downplayed in Western historiography for good reason.

Putin continued by saying that economic and social stability in Europe was “being tossed into the flames of sanctions.”

Since the Syrian conflict started, the U.s has been ready to censure Russia. Obama sought to exclude Russia from the Banking system in 2014, also with the backing of Christine Lagarde but was unsuccessful. Remotely ringing the Nasdaq bell this week, Zelensky said he needs American sanctions against Russia to speed up the battle.

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